Monday, October 10, 2005

Ramadan Mubarak To One and All,

Ramadan is upon us once and again. And I am glad that most of us are in sync this year. I hate it when there are about five different days that muslims start their fast on. The confusion just divide us. It does not unite us like Ramadan should. And how do you think this looks in the eyes of other people.
I think Ramadan is my most favorite time of the year. (Sorry don't mean to sound like a jingle). But I do feel it strengthens me in my deen. You cut out all the other destractions going on in your life to fucus on fasting, prayer, reciting, and family. You unconsciously start focusing spirituality. And if you are one of those who lost your way Ramadan kind of brings you back. The masjid is bustling with people you have not seen in ages. It reunits you back to where you should be all year round.
The holy month of Ramadan unites all Muslims in fasting, feasting, worship and prayer. It is a time for contemplation, spirituality and sisterhood. I pray that everyone who is fasting is having a blessed Ramadan.


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